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scroll down, there I talk about personal shootings.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to write to me



Client Shoot Terms

 1. I work exclusively in my own style. You can familiarize yourself with it on my Instagram. While I'm always open to suggestions within what I shoot, I do not work outside of my style. If you agree to have a shoot with me, it implies that you are familiar with the stylistic approach I work with.

I don't have certificates for shoots, but if you wish to gift a session with me to someone, that person must also be familiar with my work and the style we will be working in.


2. The shoot lasts about 3-4 hours (until the desired result is achieved). I do not offer hourly pay or sessions.


3. As a result, you will receive at least 20 edited photos; originals are not provided. Small video sketches may also be produced.


4. I will always help you with the look, location, and idea for the shoot. But again - within my photographic style. Some shoots may take place entirely in a studio, some in apartments or outdoors, or both. It all depends on the idea.


5. If you do not show up for the shoot, fail to notify, or forget - the deposit is non-refundable. You can cancel the shoot 2 days before it starts. The deposit will be refunded except for expenses incurred for booking the studio, location, props, etc. In case of illness or other valid reasons, the shoot will simply be rescheduled to another day.

The shoot is canceled if you are more than half an hour late.


6. I deliver the finished work within 2 weeks.


7. I do not engage in glossy retouching or altering body parts. Exceptions: I remove some minor skin imperfections.


8. By agreeing to a commercial shoot, you have the right to use the received photos for personal purposes. It is not allowed to use or transfer these works to brands, magazines, or other parties without my agreement.

Cost of Personal Shoot

1000 shekels

Video shooting: calculated separately depending on the task.

*Studio or venue rental is paid separately.

To book, a deposit equal to half of the total shoot cost is required. The remaining part is paid after the shoot. For information on locations and booking, please write to direct message or email

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